You're about to get the book CEOs are calling a "game-changer"

You'll discover how to go from feeling stretched thin, spending your days in reactionary problems and unsure what to prioritize…

To clear on what to focus on, maximising your days and feeling in control of your role.

"This has been a game-changer for how I approach my days" - Max (Tech CEO)

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What is "The Effective CEO"?

If you’re feeling stretched thin, like you don’t know what to prioritize or that you’re so pulled into reactionary problems you aren’t moving the business forward…

Then “The Effective CEO” is going to be a game-changer for how you approach your days.

As you discover the proven process developed specifically for CEOs to take back control of 5 to 15 hours per week.

Because just think, if you had an extra 5 to 15 hours a week…

How could you use that time to grow your business? To further your vision? To enjoy life with your family?

This is the ONLY System You'll Ever Need To Take Back Control Of 5 To 15 Hours A Week.

The book is only 151 pages, meaning you can quickly and easily read in a couple of hours.

I don’t hold anything back and I break down step-by-step exactly what I've learnt from the last 6 years of working with CEOs and business leaders to get them performing at their best.

And I'll show you how to easily and immediately start implementing what you learn.

The book is 4 sections.  151 pages. 1 System.

Here's A Glimpse Of What You'll Discover:

  • Do you ever look at your to-do list and feel like you don’t know what to focus on or prioritize? In section one you’ll discover the exact process to identify where your time has the greatest impact and where it should be spent – along with how to prioritize your time around the tasks that drive the business forward

  • If you think back over the last 14 days, how much of your time was spent on tasks you shouldn’t be involved in? Starting on page 38, I’ll take you through a simple 5-step process you can use to delegate and let go everything you shouldn’t be working on. Meaning that rather than being stuck in the trenches, doing tasks that should be done by an employee, instead, you can focus on what can only be done by you as the CEO

  • On page 64 you’ll discover the deceptively simple “CEO Priority Boxing Technique” to ensure that instead of your time being consumed by fires, demands or other people’s problems, you can prioritize tasks that grow your business. Top CEOs use this to ensure they can focus on growth instead of their days just being taken up by reactionary problems

  • In section 2 you’ll discover how to structure your days and weeks in a way that aligns short and long-term priorities, so you can sustain momentum and maximize growth, all while managing your workload and not allowing your days to be consumed by reactionary problems

  • I'll also give you my signature 180-second drill that resets your intention, clears mental fatigue on command and releases stress, energizing you inside out. Clients have told me that this quick drill is so effective, they’ve ditched their coffee and do this instead

  • The secret to structuring a life of freedom on your terms, so that you can crush your goals, without sacrificing time for your health, relationships and the other things that matter most (and I’ll even show you how to shift your focus from work to being present and in the moment)

  • The single biggest bottleneck in most businesses (I’ll give you a clue – it’s not the wrong strategy, difficulties hiring the right team or even poor market conditions) and how you can use this knowledge to break through to the next level

  • The tools and techniques top CEOs use to be more productive, and maximise their time. Applying these will amplify your focus, help you avoid distractions and reduce stress, all while keeping you energized and on top of your game

  • What you should NEVER do when scheduling your days if you want to be an effective CEO (most CEOs get this wrong, and it causes a huge amount of lost time and unnecessary stress)

  • The ONE thing EVERY top CEO has in common that keeps them on top of their game and ensures they can handle the challenges that come with every new level of success

  • How to audit new ideas and opportunities so that you can eliminate shiny object syndrome and only focus on key drivers of growth in your business

  • The Traffic Light System energy management tool. You can implement this simple tool immediately and it’ll be a game-changer for ensuring you sustain momentum and avoid burning out

  • The 6 questions to ask yourself daily to ensure you’re focused, know exactly what you need to get done and are in a high-performance state of mind

  • The exact weekly review process you need to reflect on each week to identify your progress, evaluate your performance, uncover blind spots and unlock the awareness of what to focus on going forward

  • The 3 pillars needed to become a more effective CEO (most CEOs only focus on one of these and it's the exact reason why they're stretched thin and overwhelmed)

  • The truth about why you can give 100 people the same strategy, yet they all get vastly different results, and what it actually takes to succeed at the highest level

  • How to structure your tasks to ensure you’re in the ideal mental bandwidth to execute on what needs to get done

  • Why your businesses growth will never outgrow your inner growth, and how you can evolve within yourself to break through to the next level

  • Why internalizing and bottling up how you feel may be the biggest risk to your businesses longevity and how top CEOs deal with the loneliness at the top 

  • What you should NEVER do first thing in the morning that sets most CEOs up for a day of stress and overwhelm 

  • How to feel in control of your days, even if your current to-do list feels like it’s building up faster than you can tick things off

  • And so much more

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About the author


Byron Morrison is a best-selling author and a mindset and high-performance coach who helps CEOs and business leaders take control of their role.

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This book is for CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives who want to perform at a higher level.

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You can read this book on any laptop, computer, phone or tablet!

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